I use Pilates' props in my sessions to support my unique style of instruction inspired by years of dance, physical therapy, and yoga.

The MYO roller is one of my favorites. Discovered at my physical therapist's office while I was nursing a neck injury, I now use it daily to stave off tight muscles that cause me headaches.  One of the best things about it, is it's size.  But, beyond its ability to fit easily into a suitcase, I love its design. It is made with a long space for your vertebral column so you can safely and effectively roll out your back muscles.

to use MYO roller...

1. Sit down on the floor, mat, or carpet with your knees bent, feet on the ground. 

2. Take the roller and place it on your back. Think bra strap for women. If you are a man, you know where a bra strap is too.  Keep it there as you start to lie on it, until you are propped up on the roller and it is centered on your spine. 

3. Bring your hands behind your head (sit up position with your hands) and lift your hips off the mat. 

4. Roll the MYO roller up and down your back. Don't pass your lowest ribs...they protect you from rolling out your organs.