Everyone is improvising and dancing together. Dancing is like tasting the air with my body. Sometimes the air is thick and my body feels heavy with it’s movements and I feel a luxurious grounding into the earth. Other times there’s a tingling like eating a sparkling grape that bursts in your mouth.

I connect to the earth and the sky while I groove. Letting the music travel up from my feet through my spine sending waves out through my hands. I see faces, smiling brightly, I catch moods. None of it matters on the dance floor. It’s all gone the next moment; ephemeral shapes the body makes.

Loose, languid, hot, heavy and shaking bodies by hour two.

I need this closeness to others; this vulnerability I can open up to among strangers without having to speak. Words often fail. This dance creates a closeness between people of any age, any shape, and at any time.

As long as you give in, you get back.

Sure, I didn’t coordinate well over there, but here’s a new note, a new tone of voice; an end and a beginning.

Stopping to watch other people dance after you’ve given your heart to your feet on a dance floor is so fun. It’s not voyeuristic like someone peeking into a world they’ve chosen to be separate from. No, watching other’s after you’ve moved yourself is like enjoying someone’s reaction to a meal you’ve made together.

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