It touched me, this movie, deep in my heart.  Mr. Rogers in Won’t You Be My Neighbor made me believe in love. I believe in the power of love so much right now.

My chest hurt right where my heart was that night after the movie.  My little girl heart was bouncing around and jumping on a bed inside my heart and it hurt from all the activity!  I’d been crying and laughing nearly the whole movie, sitting next to my fiancé. He was just as moved by Mr. Rogers and the children in the movie.

Actually, it seemed most everyone in the theater was reacting.  People clapped at the end.  Almost everyone stayed in their seats until the last credit played.  I saw a young couple look at the strangers beside them and say hello.  People stayed in the hallway outside the theater to discuss it. I live in New York; this doesn't happen. 

All the emotion was overwhelming, but the overwhelming positivity reopened my heart. Lately, all the bad news that infiltrates my phone and screens makes me feel the need to shut down my emotions.  I, personally, would not function well if I were to react emotionally to every shooting, white house decision, and nasty tweet I hear about. 

The little girl in me was astounded at how kindly Mr. Rogers talked to little people. This is what we need in this country right now; we need to remember that there are a lot of people who want to help others and truly have compassion for others’ feelings.