I ran to the subway today. I left my apt later than I should have and arrived at the 8th Ave and 14th St station hoping to make the earlier train. I made it. It wasn't until I began writing this post that I remembered a very nice moment that happened shortly before making haste.  I ate a half of a grapefruit today. I prepared it by cutting it in two,  slicing around the edges and then dividing up the triangle slices to make them readily scooped up with a tiny spoon. While cutting the triangles, I cut through the bottom so that the juices ran through onto the counter top. This mistake led me to find a simple joy. The bowl I found to keep in the juices was the perfect fit for a half of a grapefruit. Oh the joy of a perfect fit for anything!  And to top it off my boyfriend, Larry, said he'd take the other half. He got a perfectly fitted bowl too. In a rare moment, we shared breakfast. I savored the taste while we sat across from each other at our light wood kitchen table. I noticed how quickly he came to eat and and left to start his day of back to back meetings.  Then I got dressed. It was 7am and I thought a half hour would go by slowly. It never does. So, I ran to the subway.