In the summer in Sarasota Florida, an afternoon rain storm came almost everyday around 4pm and lasted a few hours.  At times it was a drag because it meant my beach time with friends would be cut short. However, I came to look forward to it. I recall the thunder rumbling like a huge dryer filled with tennis shoes. The rumble would last for a few seconds, getting softer and softer in volume. I miss thunder. I miss feeling like a rain storm is a blessing rather than a curse. As the rain and North Easter begins to start tonight in the city, I'd like to start my day tomorrow with the memory of pleasing sounds of thunder. Rain, growing up in Florida was a rare chance to do nothing inside and not feel bad about it. It was always sunny and a cloudy, rainy day was a reprieve from the heat. I have to work tomorrow, but I will hope to remember how the rain of my youth felt; like a blessing. Someone once told me that the rain clears the city's air pollution even just for a few hours. I choose to believe it.

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