The idea of meditation conjures up feelings of relaxation, wholeness, and a peaceful mind. This is not how I feel on the subway to work. Of all my favorite places to meditate, my chair at home, in the park, and with other meditators anywhere, the train is not included. There are smells, noises, happenings, and we hope nearly constant movement.  Meditation asks of us to concentrate, slow down, observe. There are stresses associated with train happenings like a horrible smell, a screeching noise from the train tracks, people singing, fighting or worse standing too close, and train delays. This is not conducive to the aforementioned qualities that meditation can bring about.

Yet, I choose to meditate on the train. I am mostly observing the smell, touch of people near me, the sounds. Yet, my whole being can relax to suit the moment. Yes, the subway is uncomfortable, but it's also not always so bad. It is a modern convenience. When I meditate, instead of scroll I at least recognize this; that I could be spending triple for a cab in time and money or walking my butt off three miles to arrive late to my next event. I get to a place of tolerance and gratefulness meditating on the train.