I got engaged yesterday. It was quite a surprise. We were walking on the High line to Chelsea Piers to get in a workout before going to look at furniture at the DWR outlet in Brooklyn. Larry and I are moving this month to a new apartment in a building we've had our eye on for over a year. New fiance new apartment.

We were about half way to the gym when I looked up at the Frank Gehry building and said, "I think that's my favorite building in NYC." I said I knew it was a bit garish but that it looks soft and cuddly.  We both noticed benches we'd never seen before that lined the High line near the view of the Gehry building.  Larry suggested we sit there for a bit and I suggested we meditate while we sat. We'd meditated in public together only once before, that morning, on the benches in front of Toby's Estates coffee.

I put on the meditation timer for 7 minutes. The bell rang at the start. The bell rang at the end and Larry didn't get up, say anything, or move. Interesting to me. I was happy to just sit and enjoy the crisp air and the beautiful sun. I did this for about another five minutes. I was curious if he had his eyes open or closed and whether he was still meditating, but I didn't want to poke him or interrupt him.

Larry hugged me. He hugged me again. He held my hand tight. He held it tighter. He kissed me. Then I thought we would get up and keep walking. But, he kissed me again and again and again. He looked at me and said he loved me with a sincerity that went deep.

I thought the Metta or what is also called "loving kindness" meditation I'd done minutes before must REALLY be working today.  This Metta practice starts with offering myself Metta (Buddhist tradition in the form of offering phrases, like May I be Happy, May I be Safe, May I be Healthy and May I Live with Ease). After I offered these to myself, I offered them to Larry. Then I offered Metta to us, together. I said a few times, "May we be happy. May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we live with ease."

Larry kept on lovin' me up. He was holding me in every way he could. I even said at one point, "Do you want to make sweet love to me on this bench?" I should have said right after that "My BAAACK" because it's our favorite SNL sketch to rehash, but I didn't. The one with Will Ferrel and Rachel Dratch in the hot tub playing schmarmy lovers with bad British accents who's lavish love talk always ends in Will Ferrel saying, "MY back, NO, it's my back, get off me!"

Then he pulled out a little box and I can't tell you how surprised I was. I looked at it and smiled so big. I didn't know what to do for a brief moment. He didn't ask me anything for what felt like a long second while he was opening the box. It was so bright and sparkly and then he asked, "Will you Marry Me?" "Yes," I said! "Yes!"