Forever Young came on at Whole Foods today while I was choosing two red grapefruits for tomorrow's breakfast. The Rod Steward version, not the 80's techno version (the artist's name escapes me). I had just finished a difficult, yet beautifully honest conversation with someone I care about. I'd say the song was exactly how I was feeling at that moment, standing in the fruits and vegetables section.

It wasn't the usual madhouse at Columbus Circle Whole Foods, but it was busy.  The song caught me by surprise. It reached out and grabbed an ear and said come in and listen.  I entered, listening. A song I knew well but never really heard when like this, "do one to other's as you've had done to you. Be courageous and be brave and in my heart, you'll always stay." 

I had been courageous just moments ago. My friend had been too. I think I was more courageous and vulnerable than I have ever been with this friend. He had affected me and I had affected him and it made me realize how much we affect each other, all of us. 

Rod's lyrics were perfect plus they reminded me to take a moment to reflect on a personal breakthrough before the madness of New York took me back in.

So I did. I walked around the fruit for a while longer than I needed feeling grateful for my bravery and my friend's honesty and wondering how many times I'd heard these lyrics before and how this time I'd really felt them.