You'll feel this. A vigorous workout using the spring-loaded equipment; incorporating classical and contemporary Pilates into one-hour of flowing exercises. You will get detailed and specific cues on form and function to help you strengthen exactly where you need it and lengthen exactly where you need it. You'll feel the big burn while getting expert cues to help you keep great posture.



Pre and Post-partum 

You'll get the safest and most effective exercises to keep you fit and healthy throughout pregnancy and motherhood. Full body, resistance exercises, breathing techniques, stretches, and releases are designed specifically for each of your three trimesters.  Research and years of experience, make Jessica's sessions informative, fun, and highly effective. Post Partum Pilates restores your body back to it's pre-pregnancy state by correcting commonly experienced imbalances like a diastasis (separation in the abdominal wall), pelvic floor dysfunction, tight or painful psoas, and back pain. 

post opperation and injury prevention

You want to heal fast. There is a reason why many Physical Therapists have Pilates equipment in their offices. Pilates is a very safe and effective way to rehab injuries. Pilates enables you to work out other body parts while avoiding the areas of surgery or injury.  Pilates exercises eccentrically load the muscle, the best way to rebuild a muscle. Also, research shows that eccentric loading of a muscle helps to heal scar tissue - a common source of pain following surgery. Jessica begins by intaking your history and assessing your posture to see if there are any faulty patterns leading to the source of the injury. You should, as always, consult your doctor before entering into any group or private fitness classes. 


Gait Analysis and repair series

You wouldn't choose to build a house on faulty foundations would you? It's the same with the body. Strength training on an aligned structure so that you don't reinforce faulty patterns is the goal of this 10-session series. Jessica uses the Flow Motion Model (FMM), designed by Gary Ward, to assess your moving posture, determine what is missing, and give you exercises to restore your body. The PilatesMethod exercises are then given to reinforce your newly, balanced structure.