Jessica Barzell Pilates is designed to help you achieve a leaner and longer figure, a stronger center, and pain free joints! 

I promise you will get the ABC's of P-i-l-a-t-e-s

Assess your posture from head to toe

Bring you a15-minute, videoed, exercise routine designed for you to stay stronger, longer, and more toned

Custom-tailor your session; incorporating principles of Pilates, physical therapy, fascia reading and manipulation, dance, yoga and meditation.

Deeply condition your body for your next marathon, wedding, or beach vacation; and look at your pics when you come back

Engage your mind and body and inspire you to appreciate the body

Find the source of pain and alleviate it with what I call, my intuitive, "X ray vision" cultivated by teaching thirty bodies a week for the past eight years

Garner my years of performing improv comedy to make you laugh while you feel muscles you, "#$#@ never knew I had.."